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Let's design your perfect look, created just for you!

Medusa’s Piercing Studio


Working together to create the design and style for your ear, using your anatomy to your advantage, with a jewelry style that fits you and your personality.

That will ultimately give you that aesthetically pleasing look that you can feel confident in.

Below are three different types of curation style appointments and what you can expect during your time with us.

Have only one or two piercings and want more

  1. Explore jewelry options.

  2. Have a seat and lets design together!

  3. We will take pictures of your end goal.

  4. Decide on which piercings you want today. (Safely add 2-4 at a time)

  5. Make a plan for your healing and next appointment to complete the look!

Your ear is almost complete, just need a little help with design and style

  1. Explore jewelry options.

  2. We will remove jewelry that you want changed and clean the piercing holes.

  3. Decide together which added piercings will compliment your current look.

  4. Add new piercings and complete the look with cohesive matching jewelry.

Healed piercing and just want a fresh new look

  1. Explore jewelry options.

  2. We will remove jewelry that you want changed and clean the piercing holes.

  3. Add jewelry to all your piercings to create a cohesive look that is complementary with your style.

Here to support you throughout your entire healing process

A new piercing will take 3-4 months before it can be downsized to a shorter bar. Your next appointment can be scheduled after this time to add more piercings to your design.

  1. If you have questions or concerns before your next appointment, just reach out through text and we will help you as you heal.

  2. You may also walk-in any time Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm to have us take a look at how you are healing.

  3. Be diligent with your aftercare, careful with your new piercing and patient as it is healing.

Cost is variable…What to expect

Each new piercing will cost anywhere from $60-$80. The jewelry is included unless you would like an upgraded piece. Upgrades range anywhere from $4.00 - $120.

All of our jewelry is titanium flat back posts with a push pin style top that snaps into place.

Hoops are clicker style that close internally.

If you are only getting new jewelry, the cost will be for the pieces that you choose and our time. 


These appointments are a lot of fun.

We take great care in finding the most exceptional jewelry for your style, along with the perfect placement to compliment your look. If you have any questions, please text our phone number at 435-522-4628 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



Genial at Medusa’s Piercing Studio

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