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100% Tea Tree Oil

100% Tea Tree Oil

SKU: MED-341

Relieve your skin of common irritations like swelling or bleeding with our Tea Tree Oil. This all-natural topical agent comes from the Australian Melaleuca Tree. It works to dehydrate bumps, reduce scars, and encourage revitalized, healthy skin after piercings and body modification procedures. Combine our Tea Tree Oil with our Saline Solution according to your aftercare needs for a hygienic healing process and offer your skin the treatment it craves.









  • Details

    • Oil derived from Australian Melaleuca Tree
    • Organic, natural topical agent
    • Heals new and existing piercings
    • Soothes and reduces bumps, breakouts, and blowouts
    • Can be mixed or combined with our Saline Solution

    Allow 3-5 business days for shipping

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