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Ear Saver Pillow

Ear Saver Pillow

Minky Dot Lavender donut shaped pillow for side sleepers. Perfect for healing your piercing comfortably as you sleep.

  • Piercing Pillow

    • LIFE SAVER FOR PIERCED EARS- piercing ear pillow is great for new/fresh ear piercings.  The design helps take the pressure off your piercings and prevent your ears from hurting or getting irritated/red while asleep.  

    • IDEAL FOR SIDE SLEEPING/PIERCING - Donut ear pillow is great for anyone with multiple ear piercings. Great for piercing comfort. 

    • COMFORTABLE & PERFECTLY STUFFED - Piercing doughnut pillow fabric is super soft, stuffed well and makes sleeping with helix piercing so much easier! Filling is soft, yet firm enough and doesn't squish your ear. Ears stay free from touching your pillow. If filling is too much, there is a zipper, you can remove a bit of filling to adjust to the comfort level, but still have enough support to prevent any pressure on the ear.

    • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE - Shaped well to accommodate your ear and support your head and neck. Piercing pillow is soft yet supportive. Small enough to take along while traveling.


    Product ships in 3-5 business days. Shipping fee is added at check out

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